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Two Engine Digital Controls Upgrade

Two Engine Digital Controls Upgrade

In 2017, IEA completed a digital controls upgrade using Woodward easYgen technology for two early nineties vintage Caterpillar diesel engine generators bussed together to service four customer transfer switches at an eastern Iowa foundry.

The old control system was showing its age with frequent relay failures, mechanical timer failures and fatigue failures at termination points (terminal strips, belay bases, sensors and splices).  The end result was that system reliability was declining.

The new control system included all new digital generator controls as well as new digital Automatic Transfer switch controls for the four system transfer switches, as well as all new interconnecting wiring between the generators and ATSs (see before and after pictures below).

The system now not only has proven to be highly reliable, but more information is available for troubleshooting via remote connection to the system programmable logic controller (PLC), system drawings and logic diagrams are accurate, trouble shooting is much simpler since there number of discrete devices where failure was previously possible have been eliminated and replaced by digital equipment and software.

The project was completed in the field in about three weeks working double shifts six days per week at a cost of ~$300,000.