Alternate Green Energy Sources:

There are many applications for traditional commercial or industrial on-site renewable green energy projects, including:
Landfill Gas
Energy Efficiency

If your organization equates going green with reducing its carbon footprint and you are a large industrial or commercial customer where available land use and geographic location make the more traditional green energy alternatives less practical, on-site prime power (electric only), co-generation fueled with natural gas may be worth considering. These applications leverage both higher efficiencies of on-site projects, and the avoidance of emissions from fossil fueled coal plants.

How do you decide what is best for your applications? Is there a single right answer? Do you really need a combination of projects? Who can help sort this out?


Application Fit

If you are thinking about which green alternative and renewable energy projects may be a fit for your application, you should consider:

  • Do you have a corporate mandate for green alternative renewable energy?
  • How much of your energy consumption can be reduced by addressing energy efficiency upgrades? Remember, if you don’t consume it to begin with that’s gotta count for something.
  • How much available land do you have to work with at your site?
  • Is a more conventional on-site generation project a viable green energy alternative?
  • What green energy tax credits are available from the state and federal governments?
  • What investment tax credits are available from the state and federal governments?
  • Are there utility company incentives for green energy?
  • What permits will you need for your renewable energy or alternative energy project?
  • Do you have the expertise to operate and maintain the equipment (i.e., is it part of your core business)?


Project Feasibility

If a green energy project looks like a fit for you, contact IEA and one of our experts can guide you through the project screening and development processes.

Financing / Ownership / Outsourcing

IEA can own, operate and maintain your alternative green energy projects or provide a turnkey solutions with asset management services to support ongoing operations and maintenance for projects owned directly by customers.