What Type of Energy Management Control System Is Best Suited For Your Business Environment?

Many local utility companies or regional transmission independent system operators (ISOs) offer incentives to reduce your peak energy demand when system conditions warrant. Installing smart energy management systems and other forms of load-shedding can help you take advantage of these incentives.

Application Fit

If you think demand response may be a fit for your application, you should consider:

  • Does your utility company or ISO offer programs that incentivize peak energy reduction?
  • What energy demand loads can you reduce or shut-off for the duration of a demand response energy event?
  • How many hours per year do you expect to be in energy demand response?
  • Who decides when you are in energy demand response and for how long?
  • Who will trigger your energy demand response and who will watch your equipment during this time frame?
  • Who will help restore your equipment and ensure it is operating correctly once the demand response is over?
  • Can you incorporate building energy management systems into planned infrastructure upgrades?


Project Feasibility

If a demand response energy efficiency project looks like a fit for you, contact IEA and one of our experts can guide you through the project screening and development processes.

Financing / Ownership / Outsourcing

IEA can own, operate and maintain your demand response project or provide a turnkey solution with demand response management services to support ongoing operations and maintenance for projects owned directly by customers.