Energy Solutions

There are many applications for on-site energy projects, including:

How do you decide what is best for your applications? Is there a single right answer? Do you need a combination of projects? Who can help you sort this out?

If you are thinking about which on-site power project may beyour energy solution, you should consider:

Application Fit

  • How much of your electrical consumption can be reduced by addressing energy efficiency upgrades?
  • Is your goal primarily financial or is reliability and power quality a concern?
  • Do you have enough thermal or cooling needs to support a co-generation project?
  • Does your ISO or local utility provide an incentive to:
  • Reduce peak loads through self-generation (peak shaving)?
  • Generate excess electricity for export to the grid when prescribed system conditions warrant (peaking)?
  • Reduce electrical loads during periods of critical high system use (demand response)?
  • Do you have a need for reliable standby generation to support operations during local electrical utility outages or to support your emergency response, disaster recovery or business continuity plans?
  • Do you need help to address your thermal needs (process steam or hot water)?
  • Are you looking to lower your carbon footprint and enhance your green credentials (renewables)?
  • Do you need an alternative boiler fuel source?

Project Feasibility

If an onsite energy solution looks like a fit for you, contact IEA and one of our experts can guide you through the project screening and development processes.

Financing / Ownership / Outsourcing

IEA can own, operate and maintain your energy solutions or provide turnkey solutions with asset management services to support ongoing operations and maintenance for projects owned directly by customers.