Innovation: Roof Top Design

A high tech advertising and marketing firm wants reliable standby generation for its office space. The challenge is the space is located inside a multi-story building, constructed early last century, in the middle of the financial district and there is no place to install a generator.

The solution is to look up. IEA took a novel approach and installed an 725 kW diesel fuel generator on the roof with a 600 gallon sub base fuel tank in addition to two (2) 300 gallon (600 gallons total) day tanks located in the building basement with refueling access from the alley.
Challenges to overcome during the project included:

  • Structural analysis and additional support installations to accommodate the weight added to the roof.
  • Control system design to allow diesel fuel to be pumped from the basement to the roof while meeting fire codes.
  • Installation of multiple transfer switches to accommodate electrical loads from different sources in a vintage building.
  • Evaluating stack design to minimize downwash effects from adjacent buildings.
  • Evaluating generator location to minimize the potential for diesel exhaust intrusion into fresh air intakes for the building.

If you have a design challenge, contact IEA to see how we can help you install generation at your location.

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