Siting Considerations

When you are contemplating an energy related project, one of the first issues that must be considered is where are you going to put it? This directly impacts the cost to build and whether you can get an environmental permit .

A secondary issue is how will it be integrated into the setting?

Lastly, as you think about the footprint of the project; has it been optimized for construction or O&M purposes? Today’s compromises to make it easier to build are tomorrow’s operational and maintenance headaches.

Contact one of our experts and IEA and we can assist you in addressing the siting considerations for your energy project.

Siting Considerations

  • Is there a lay-down area large enough to support construction?
  • Is there crane access for loading and unloading?
  • How far are utilities for air, water, natural gas and electricity; will new utilities need to be run?
  • Is there an adequate source of cooling water for co-generation or steam projects?
  • How close to the property line will the emission point(s) be located?
  • Is there adequate road access?
  • If the site is on an adjacent property to your facility, do you have to cross a public street or rely on right-of-ways?
  • Will the project consume valuable space needed for future expansion?
  • Can more property be purchased?
  • Will you need transformers to reduce the amount of electrical cabling needed?
  • When does the distance become too long for process steam?

Esthetics & Integration Issues

  • Are there local zoning issues that impact how the project must look? Do architectural considerations need to be incorporated to disguise its appearance?
  • Will sound or odor represent a nuisance for local residents?
  • Will water vapor or prime mover or boiler exhaust represent a nuisance for local residents?
  • Will vehicle traffic during construction and operational phases represent a nuisance for local residents?
  • If it is a solar or wind project, can the projects be located elsewhere, tied into the local utility grid and credited to the facility for green purposes?