Environmental Permit Considerations

If you can’t get an environmental permit, you are dead in the water; your project isn’t going anywhere. Before getting too far into any energy project that will have an emission profile (i.e., if you consume a fuel and there is exhaust, you will have emissions), you should determine:

  • What type of permit(s) your facility already has?
  • How will the new emissions be treated relative to the permitting arena ?
  • Will computer modeling be required?
  • What sort of emission controls will be required?
  • Are continuous emission monitors (CEM’s ) required?
  • Will you need a spill control and countermeasure plan (SPCC )?
  • Are you subject to RICE/NESHAP regulations?

You should also consider whether you have the necessary expertise to address the environmental issues of an energy project (i.e., is it part of your core business)?

Contact one of our experts and IEA will assist you in addressing the environmental permit considerations for your energy project.