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New Substation

New Substation

In 2016, IEA had to install a new mini-substation in response to a voltage upgrade mandated by the local utility and transmission supplier.

IEA had previously interconnected its four generator ~4.5 MWe site at 4,160 V on the low side of a utility furnished substation transformer.  This transformer interconnected with the transmission system at 34.5 kV.  For its purposes, the utility constructed a new 12.5 kV to 69 kV substation to interconnect with the new transmission line.  The local utility planned to demolish its old substation.

IEA purchased the property the old substation location and cooperated with the utility in the demolition of the old equipment.  IEA then installed a new re-closer and controls, a refurbished 4,160 V to 12.5 kV transformer and cabling to the utility’s substation to reconnect its facility.

The on-site construction window was about a month and the project cost IEA ~$100,000.

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