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Digital Controls Upgrade

Single Engine Digital Upgrade

In 2018, IEA returned to an eastern Iowa foundry where it had previously replaced the control system on two early nineties vintage Caterpillar diesel engine generators, to complete a similar project on a third, nineties vintage Caterpillar diesel engine generator the customer used to support its data center.

Similar to the other control systems, the third generator’s system was showing its age with frequent relay failures, mechanical timer failures and fatigue failures at termination points (terminal strips, belay bases, sensors and splices).  Reliability wasn’t where either the customer or IEA wanted it to be.

The new control system provided all-digital controls for the generator and on-board transfer switch.  Also installed were all new interconnecting wiring and a new Caterpillar digital voltage regulator.

The system has proven to be highly reliable, seeing the same benefits as the upgrade on the other two units.

The project was completed in the field in about one week working single shifts at a cost of ~$31,000.