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Voltage Change and Digital Controls Upgrade

Interconnect Voltage Change and Digital Controls Upgrade In 2019 and 2020, IEA commenced work on a complex project at an existing site where IEA had seven generators bussed to a common bus and connected to six customer loads by individual tie breaker & recloser combinations.  IEA generated and interconnected to customer loads at 4,160 volts.  continue reading

Upgrading Cold Weather Capabilities

Cold Weather Capabilities In 2019, an existing IEA customer desired to add extreme cold weather operational capability to the current equipment IEA has deployed at the customer.  The aim of these modifications was to prevent fuel gelling in extremely cold conditions like those observed on January 30, 2019 when actual temperatures reached <-30 °F in continue reading

Backup Generator Installation

New Project In 2019, a dairy needed a generator backup and transfer switch to support a new electrical feed for its planned expansion.   The customer desired to participate in the local Utility’s interruptible power program, and also wanted to operate the unit pro-actively, in anticipation of the onset of bad weather, in order to mitigate continue reading

Digital Controls Upgrade

Single Engine Digital Upgrade In 2018, IEA returned to an eastern Iowa foundry where it had previously replaced the control system on two early nineties vintage Caterpillar diesel engine generators, to complete a similar project on a third, nineties vintage Caterpillar diesel engine generator the customer used to support its data center. Similar to the continue reading

Environmental Controls Upgrade

DOC Upgrade A customer with an emergency only diesel generator desired to have the unit modified so that it could run for non-emergency purposes to allow the customer to use the unit to support its local utility interruptible program. Since the unit was manufactured and in service prior to July of 2006, the unit could continue reading

Diesel Generator at Data Center Installation

New Project In 2018, a customer needed generator backup to support its central data center.  This data center supported manufacturing, warehousing and sales staff at a number of customer locations. IEA was able to redeploy an inventory diesel generator with on board switchgear to meet the customer’s need.  Owing to the time the unit was continue reading