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Two Engine Digital Controls Upgrade

Two Engine Digital Controls Upgrade In 2017, IEA completed a digital controls upgrade using Woodward easYgen technology for two early nineties vintage Caterpillar diesel engine generators bussed together to service four customer transfer switches at an eastern Iowa foundry. The old control system was showing its age with frequent relay failures, mechanical timer failures and continue reading

New Substation

New Substation In 2016, IEA had to install a new mini-substation in response to a voltage upgrade mandated by the local utility and transmission supplier. IEA had previously interconnected its four generator ~4.5 MWe site at 4,160 V on the low side of a utility furnished substation transformer.  This transformer interconnected with the transmission system continue reading

July 23, 2014–Standby Generator Project Completed

IEA has completed the installation of a second standby generator at a major manufacturer in Postville, Iowa.  The second unit is a 1,000 kW prime power rated diesel generator that had previously been in service at another IEA location and had been placed into IEA’s inventory. This second generator, along with a generator that was continue reading


Industrial Energy Applications, Inc. announces that it has completed the installation of Diesel Oxidation Catalyst systems (DOCs) on its fleet of standby diesel generators. The catalyst systems will provide for an approximately 90% reduction in carbon monoxide and other pollutants from the diesel exhaust. The installation of these units is in accordance with recently implemented continue reading


IEA has completed the installation of its first solar installation on a Company building on 12th Avenue in Marion, Iowa. The installation consists of twelve SolarWorld SW240 solar panels arranged in a fixed 2 by 6 array. Each panel’s output is controlled by an Enphase Micro Inverter. The total nameplate output of the array is continue reading


In accordance with Corporation Bylaws, the shareholders of Industrial Energy Applications, Inc. elected the members of its Board of Directors, including; Bryan P. McGlothlin Randy J. Portz Timothy R. Bennington Laurie L. Dawley Steven R. Loundsbery Members are expected to serve a term of one year, or until the next annual shareholders meeting in April continue reading


On March 11, 2011, Alliant Energy Resources LLC sold its wholly owned subsidiary Industrial Energy Applications, Inc. via a leveraged buyout (LBO) of current and former management members. The terms of the transaction other than it being a stock sale were not disclosed. At the time of sale Rand J. Portz, Bryan P. McGlothlin and continue reading

Financial Evaluation of Energy Technologies

When considering whether to undertake a large capital expenditure for your plant, whether it is an onsite power generation system or a renewable energy installation, you no doubt will perform a financial evaluation to justify the expenditure. There are several methods of performing these financial evaluations. Each has its pros and cons and each has continue reading

Solar Power Generation Mystery Solved

In a previous blog article, I had described a solar power generation installation that IEA has completed at one of its facilities. This installation has been in service for a little over a year now, and we have collected enough data to confidently assess its performance. One peculiarity we have noticed, is that one of continue reading

Should You Consider Storm Running?

Have you ever considered operating your existing standby generator(s) for storm running purposes?  Under what circumstances would I operate my generator for storm running? What is the cost to my business of an outage caused by an electrical disturbance?  And just what is storm running in the first place? Storm running is the operation of continue reading