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Backup Generator Installation

New Project

In 2019, a dairy needed a generator backup and transfer switch to support a new electrical feed for its planned expansion.   The customer desired to participate in the local Utility’s interruptible power program, and also wanted to operate the unit pro-actively, in anticipation of the onset of bad weather, in order to mitigate the risk of brownouts/outages due to wind, lightning and heavy rain.

IEA was able to redeploy an inventory diesel generator to meet the customer’s need.  Owing to the time the unit was in storage, the unit received comprehensive maintenance including a coolant flush, oil change, new filters, belts, hoses, batteries, blow open exhaust louvers, and jacket water heater.  In addition, the unit was thoroughly cleaned and the enclosure repainted.

Since the unit was manufactured and in service prior to July of 2006, the unit could be upgraded to add a diesel oxidizing catalytic (DOC) filter to meet the RICE NESHAP requirements of USEPA regulation 40CFR63 Subpart ZZZZ.

The customer opted to have a stainless steel outer enclosure placed around the DOC for aesthetic purposes.

The generator control system was also replaced with an all-digital Woodward EasYgen based solution including a new Caterpillar digital voltage regulator.

In addition, IEA sourced a new ASCO 7000 series closed-transition transfer switch with maintenance and bypass capabilities.

From its arrival onsite to its prepared concrete base and pre-trenched conduit and cabling, on-site construction was only 2 weeks and the project was completed at a cost of ~$350,000.