Operational Support Services

When you utilize IEA’s remote monitoring services, you also have the option to take advantage of Operational Support services. Operational Services include those activities needed to ensure safe and reliable operation of your equipment, including the extension of the company’s operating, maintenance and fuel management programs.

We monitor your equipment during operation and make sure that fuel deliveries are scheduled. We watch for signs of impending failure or equipment distress, and can dispatch appropriate resources to address issues.

IEA will manage your fuel inventory to make sure that you have adequate fuel supply, and that it stays in good condition even if stored for long periods of time. Biological contamination, water accumulation, and fuel degradation are serious issues associated with diesel fuel. The good news is that if properly managed, the risk of losing valuable fuel inventory can be largely mitigated.

Many Standby generator owners choose to operate their equipment proactively, before the lights go out, in order to avoid power grid disturbances such as brownouts and flicker during inclement weather or periods of grid instability. This is referred to as non-emergency operation. Other forms of non-emergency operation include participation in Demand Response or Interruptible Power programs, IEA’s Operational Support services are a perfect fit for these applications.

Contact IEA to find to gain access to an energy expert who understands the complexities of your equipment, and can monitor and control system operations when you can’t.

Application Fit

  • Are Operational Support services right for your application?
  • Do you have the in-house expertise to monitor and manage critical assets?
  • If you have a prime power or cogeneration operation, is it manned 24 x 7?
  • Do you need to know that your assets can be operated reliably, and from remote locations in an emergency situation?
  • Does your equipment play a key role in a Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery plan?
  • Do you operate standby power systems proactively during severe weather by disconnecting from the power grid before there is an outage?