Asset Care – Management Services

Asset Care Management refers to a suite of services intended to keep critical infrastructure in peak operational condition, and to relieve you of the burden associated with operating and maintaining complex, high-value equipment.

Outsourcing management of your critical infrastructure leaves you free to concentrate on your core business instead of having to test and maintain standby generators, UPS equipment, Boilers, cogeneration systems or other critical infrastructure. Asset Care Management Services are a core competency at IEA.

These services typically include:
Remote Monitoring
Remote monitoring services include hardware, software and remote communications required to monitor and control your equipment from virtually anywhere. Also included is a program of routine surveillance testing. These services will provide remote alarm annunciation and testing required to assure that your assets are in proper operating condition. Remote customer access can also be set up so that you can also monitor your equipment from alternate locations.

Operational Support
Operational support includes the remote monitoring services described above, and adds management of preventative and corrective maintenance, fuel inventory management, preventative and corrective maintenance, annual maintenance and operations budgeting, routine reporting and remote generator operation.

Program Management
Program management includes remote monitoring and operational support services, and adds enhancements needed to look beyond day-to-day operational and maintenance issues to activities necessary to ensure compliance and long-term care of customer’s Equipment. This includes access to a formal root cause analysis system, a corrective actions system, environmental compliance services and other long range planning tools.